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Personnel Committee Chair

As Avalonia grows, it is important that we develop a new generation of leaders and committee members. It takes hundreds of volunteer and staff hours to keep Avalonia up and running. Having the right people for the right jobs is essential to our success. The Personnel Committee oversees the policies and procedures pertaining to personnel including volunteers and paid staff. The chair would lead periodic meetings to review personnel issues, maintain standing and town committee rosters, and recruit interested volunteers to serve as part of a dynamic volunteer conservation team. If you are well-organized and a good communicator, just click HERE to submit your name. Click HERE to let us know you would like to help.

Hike Coordinator

Avalonia is looking for a volunteer to coordinate hikes on Avalonia preserves. This coordinator is not expected to lead all the hikes; there are many Avalonia members willing to lead who have great hike ideas. We just need someone who can plan the details, keep the schedule, and get the word out. If you like the outdoors and organizing adventures, this is the job for you. Click HERE to register.

Group Volunteer Coordinator

Avalonia is fortunate that several groups in our community have offered their assistance. From scouts to the Coast Guard, a garden club to a football team, their many hands have joined ours to build bridges, remove invasives, clean out debris, and replant restored areas. These offers of help from local groups are often a “one-off” project to earn a badge, build team skills, or give back to the community. Our coordinator would work with the Stewardship chair to keep track of upcoming projects as well as maintain a list of community groups and contact information. If you enjoy working with scouts and other non-profits and are good at following up, we can use you! These projects come along only a few times a year, but when we need the help, the coordinator knows who to ask. Just click HERE to let us know if you are interested.

Event Planner(s)

Avalonia is looking for one or more creative people who are organized and energized by event planning. These events will recognize Avalonia’s volunteers, life members, neighbors who live next to Avalonia properties, and others who are involved and engaged in our mission. This would likely involve three to four events per year and would require securing venues, working with vendors/caterers, developing and coordinating invitations, and coordinating other event details. If this sounds like a job for you, click HERE to sign up.


Project Manager

Volunteer would be responsible for meeting with landowners and seeing each project through from beginning to preservation. You would be trained in Avalonia’s procedures and work with the Acquisition team. Click HERE if you can help.

Data Manager

Volunteer would be responsible for organizing the electronic data to comply with Land Trust Alliance requirements. Mapping skills are especially welcome, click HERE.

Finance & Development

Finance Committee Chair

Avalonia is looking for a volunteer to join its BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BOD) to fill the Finance Committee (FinCom) chair position. This opening is not due to any lack of financial, budgeting or accounting expertise on the BOD; on the contrary, several members have MBAs or other related advanced degrees and extensive experience. However, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 mandates that the Finance committee chair cannot be the treasurer or asst. treasurer (who both attend and are highly experienced in finance but are not voting members of the FinCom.) It also mandates that a BOD officer cannot be the chair. The also highly-experienced president and vice-president of Avalonia (both voting members of the FinCom) are excluded from the role of FinCom chair. The FinCom has the primary responsibility of budgeting, auditing, and financial reporting. Right now we have a great team, but we need one more volunteer eligible to chair the group. If you can help, click HERE.

Grant Writers

Do you have experience writing grants? Are you detail-oriented, organized and able to meet deadlines? You can help a dedicated team of Avalonia volunteers who write grant applications to foundations and government entities. This critically important job can be done from home and provides a significant portion of the income needed for our mission to conserve land. If you can help, click HERE.

Accreditation Gatekeeper

Avalonia will be renewing its accreditation in early 2022 and we are beginning to build our Accreditation Team. The Accreditation Gatekeeper will work to ensure all required data is available to submit and entered into a website for review by the Land Trust Alliance. They will receive accreditation data from Avalonia committee chairs, town chairs and team leaders. The gatekeeper will not be expected to research or write any material, but simply manage a checklist and post content to a website. Our volunteer can work from home at their discretion, once a brief training period is complete. Work will be minimal at the beginning, but will likely increase as the file deadline nears at the end of 2021. If you are a detail driven and organized person, we can use your help with this important position.

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