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We invite you and your family to embark on an adventure: one of your own making!

Avalonia Land Conservancy protects and manages some beautiful gems. We want to celebrate our preserves and share them with all who are looking to explore nature and learn more about our wonderful and diverse southeastern Connecticut corner.

Avalonia Hike and Seek encourages exploration of our beautiful preserves by children, families, and the general public through a scavenger hunt format. It allows participants to use technology and social media in a simple, positive way to learn about the nature of each preserve, encourage observations, and to interact with others engaged in the same activity. An incentive to leave no child inside!

Bird house Preston Nature Preserve


Check out our list of Avalonia properties included in this activity and note the many fun and interesting targets set for seeking. Learn about nature through various linked online resources.

View Properties & Targets


Visit the preserves of your choice, at your own pace. Take time to explore and capture photos of targets or anything else interesting to you! While on your hike, use your smartphone to refer back to the targets page. How many targets can you find? What is your favorite thing about this preserve?



Submit your photos  We would love to see what you found! Post your images on Instagram or Facebook and use #avaloniahikeandseek and/or #avalonialandconservancy. We will keep track of those hashtags for photo submissions.

Alternatively, email your photos to

Please note that Avalonia may post and share submitted photos through our website and/or social media channels.

Saving your photos to create a nature or hiking journal is a great way to document and remember your adventures and finds. Journaling is becoming a great way to learn, express, explore and share your photos and can be done on a smart-phone, computer, or good old paper!

Register for Hike & Seek Registration is free and optional. Providing us with your parent/guardian/leader email address will allow notification of important Hike & Seek and Avalonia news including the date and time of any group hikes or celebrations.  REGISTER HERE

Hike & Seek is intended to be an ongoing, year-round, fun opportunity. There is no true beginning or end date and the targets are not season-dependent but may change in appearance over the course of the year. We will continue to add new photo targets to inspire and challenge you as seasons change.

Look for announcements on Facebook or on this site when we pick dates for Hike & Seek celebrations or hikes.

This is not a competition but a personal challenge. Everyone who gets out and explores is truly a winner!

Please remember to respect the habitat and avoid closed areas.

Leave bikes and vehicles at the trailhead or parking area.

Keep your dog on a leash at all times.

See a full list of visitation guidelines and our dog policy.

Don’t forget!

  • camera
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray

Photo Credit:

Karen Askins
Heather Milardo
Rick Newton
Janice Parker
Kathleen Smith
Beth Sullivan
Pat Turner

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